plastic injection moulding machines

Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

3,50,000 - 5,50,000
Automation GradeAutomaticPower SourceElectric
  • The hydraulic system operates with an energy saving regulating pump & proportional valve for drive & pressure regulation.
  • Centrally applied high performance hydraulic mould clamping cylinder
  • Linear transducer for clamping stroke with 1 mm accuracy.
  • Mould closing & opening speed profiles, 4 stages programmable.
  • Programmable closing & opening force.
  • After alarm “Mould Protection” mould can either be stopped or opened.
  • Modular injection unit as complete assembly group.
  • Injection unit equipped with linear transducer of 1 mm accuracy.
  • Four tie-bar type centrally fitted injection unit, vertical.
  • Continuous nozzle contact during the complete cycle.
  • Regulated injection speed profile, 5 steps programmable with injection delay.
  • Measurement, display and monitoring of injection time.
  • Switch over to holding pressure as a volume or time dependent function.
  • Electronically regulated cylinder and nozzle heating.
  • Monitoring of oil temperature & filter contamination.
  • Fine mesh oil filter in the return line.
  • Temperature regulator with digital temperature input, integrated in the PLC.
  • Temperature monitoring with tolerance band input regulation mode.
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel material hopper with emptying position.
  • Alarm for hopper emptying.